New gambling machines bypass casino addiction safeguards

Gambling was a way for her to get away.  Maybe win a few bucks.  Try to have some fun.  She said it’s not an uncommon way for health care workers to try to relax.  “I think we seek out the scape,” Melynda Litchfield, a Bartlett mother of three, said. . … Continue reading

Excessive Alcohol Use Costs $223.5 Billion Annually, CDC Reports

Excessive alcohol use costs the United States $223.5 billion annually, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Binge drinking accounts for more than 70 percent of these costs. “It is striking to see most of the costs associated with excessive alcohol use was … Continue reading

10 Things Medical Marijuana Won’t Tell You

MarketWatch.  You can get high for your health in many states, but beware of the law.  10 things medical marijuana won’t tell you:  1.  “Money doesn’t grow on pot plants”; 2. “Good luck getting a prescription”; 3. “Sure, we’re sick…of not being high”; 4. “The THC brownies may be stronger … Continue reading

Why Be Concerned About Gambling Addiction?

Addiction, bankruptcy, crime, corruption, child abuse, divorce, domestic violence, and suicide are some of the social costs associated with problem and pathological gambling. “Compulsive gamblers may use food or rent money, borrow from friends, pawn possessions or even steal from the workplace. At one sitting a compulsive gambler can easily … Continue reading

Video poker was ex-mayor’s vice

San Diego – The addiction to gambling does  not discriminate.  It strikes across all echelons of society, devastating the finances, jobs and families of everyone from doctors and police officers to college students and retirees. It is now blamed for the undoing of former San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor, sinking … Continue reading