Reasons to Oppose Marijuana Businesses

A craft grower may process cannabis, cannabis concentrates (vape cartridges, wax), and cannabis-infused products (gummy bears, candy, brownies, etc.). In the 33 states where the drug is legal for medical or recreational use, at least 10 fires or explosions have occurred in the past five years at facilities that extract … Continue reading

Action plan to protect your municipality and county

 Contact your Mayor, Village Trustees, Aldermen, and ask them to support an ordinance to prohibit a marijuana dispensary and marijuana businesses.  Sample ordinance Talk with churches/pastoral associations, local law enforcement, doctors, counselors, fire chief and emergency personnel, teachers, school administrators, activists, and others in the community and ask them to … Continue reading

Implement Voluntary Self Exclusion for Problem Gamblers in Illinois

Sign a petition to give problem gamblers in Illinois the option to voluntarily self-exclude from non-casino slots. Taken from the petition to the Illinois Gaming Board: Problem gamblers are left at a loss with the explosion of non -casino Slots. Slot machines are referred to as “Electronic Morphine” and … Continue reading

How to Talk with Your Son or Daughter about Vaping

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has compiled a guide for parents about how to talk to their children about vaping. Visit the Partnership for Drug-Free Kid’s website to view the guide or download the guide here: What-You-Need-to-Know-and-How-to-Talk-to-Your-Kids-About-Vaping-Guide-Partnership-for-Drug-Free-Kids

2021 Poster Contest

April is Alcohol Awareness Month! All Illinois students in grades 6 – 12 are invited to participate in the 26th Annual Alcohol Awareness Poster Contest. Poster Contest Guidelines “Did You Know” – great information to share with students about how alcohol harms an adolescent brain Educating youth on the dangers of alcohol … Continue reading