Teen Board

ILCAAAP Teen Board

The IL Church Action on Alcohol & Addiction Problems (ILCAAAP) Teen Board is a leadership group of teens who model and promote a drug-free lifestyle to other teens and youth. Through their presentations and example, the Teen Board demonstrates that a drug-free lifestyle is not only possible, but desirable. The ILCAAAP Teen Board was formed in June 1997 from a group of high school studends who attended ILCAAAP’s first Interfaith Youth Prevention Retreat. This yearly retreat provides high school students with training in:
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Skills
  • Alcohol and Drug Prevention
  • Zero Alcohol and Traffic Safety
  • Healthy Relations with Peers
  • Understanding Teen Stress

The Teen Board promotes this lifestyle through skits about alcohol substance abuse, enabling, and peer pressure. They perform these skits at school assemblies, youth camps, freshmen orientations, parenting programs, school/community events, summer youth programs, and church youth groups.


For more information on the ILCAAAP Teen Board contact Lynn at ilcaaap@sbcglobal.net.

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