Implement Voluntary Self Exclusion for Problem Gamblers in Illinois

Sign a petition to give problem gamblers in Illinois the option to voluntarily self-exclude from non-casino slots.

Taken from the petition to the Illinois Gaming Board:
Problem gamblers are left at a loss with the explosion of non -casino Slots. Slot machines are referred to as “Electronic Morphine” and “The Crack Cocaine” of gambling.  Slots are designed to psychologically addict the player making them the most addictive form of gambling.  Slot machines are now everywhere, in grocery stores, gas stations, laundromats, bars, restaurants, gaming cafes, convenience stores, hotels, bowling alleys…everywhere!  People that struggle with this life threatening addiction have the option to add their name to a “Voluntary Self Exclusion” for Casino gambling – this allows the person to put their name on a list.  If the person on the list tries to enter a casino they will be arrested for trespassing.  This is a strong deterrent from entering a casino.  However, there is no Voluntary Exclusion in place to help people stay away from slot machines all over the state (it only applies to inside a casino).  I have been told driver license scanning technology is there to #1. Implement voluntary self-exclusion and #2. Prohibit minors from playing, but the “powers that be” made the choice not to implement it.  The suicide rate of Gambling Addiction is higher than that of all other addictions combined.  At the current $2 bet a player can lose $1200 in a single hour and can play 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the temptation is everywhere. (Many counties have 1 slot machine per 100 people alive) There are currently just under 14,000 people in Illinois on the voluntary self-exclusion list that have no way to safeguard themselves from throwing their whole life away into one of the tens of thousands of slots outside casino walls. Please put this in place to allow people to elect to help themselves.  The people had no say in having a slot machine on every corner, let them have a say in allowing them to implement self-exclusion.  I am one of the persons on the voluntary self-exclusion list and desperately need this as do thousands of other citizens of Illinois.

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