Video gambling establishments that have underage drinking violations

Follow this link to see a list of video gambling establishments that have been cited for underage drinking violations by the the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.  Under current Illinois law, a business must have a liquor license before applying for a video gambling license.  This data, compiled by ILCAAAP, raises concerns … Continue reading

City protests Illinois Gaming Board designation of truck stop video gambling

East Peoria – City officials have effectively shut down a licensed video gambling operation at Huck’s Food and Fuel while they try to determine how the convenience store and gas station got a license approved by the state in the first place. The Illinois Gaming Board approved the Huck’s license application, … Continue reading

First Worldwide Addiction Stats Released

We are being led to believe that decriminalizing / legalizing marijuana will save taxpayer money.  A new study shows the opposite is true – more damage is done by legal drugs. The firist worldwide addiction statistics are summarized below. First Worldwide Addiction Stats Released by Fran Lowry, May 18, … Continue reading

Marijuana intoxication blamed in more deaths and injuries

DENVER (CBS4) – Another death in Colorado has been listed as having “marijuana intoxication” as a factor, according to a CBS4 investigation, and several other families are now saying they believed the deaths of their loved ones can be traced to recreational marijuana use. Daniel Juarez, an 18-year-old from Brighton, … Continue reading

Testimony mounts for and against Chicago-only casino option

Editorial: Massive gaming expansion still bad bet for Illinois The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus | Posted: Monday, May 4, 2015 11:00 pm Some Springfield observers say this is the do-or-die year for a massive Illinois gambling expansion that includes a Chicago casino. We wouldn’t bet on it, given … Continue reading