First Worldwide Addiction Stats Released

We are being led to believe that decriminalizing / legalizing marijuana will save taxpayer money.  A new study shows the opposite is true – more damage is done by legal drugs. The firist worldwide addiction statistics are summarized below. First Worldwide Addiction Stats Released by Fran Lowry, May 18, … Continue reading

Marijuana intoxication blamed in more deaths and injuries

DENVER (CBS4) – Another death in Colorado has been listed as having “marijuana intoxication” as a factor, according to a CBS4 investigation, and several other families are now saying they believed the deaths of their loved ones can be traced to recreational marijuana use. Daniel Juarez, an 18-year-old from Brighton, … Continue reading

Testimony mounts for and against Chicago-only casino option

Editorial: Massive gaming expansion still bad bet for Illinois The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus | Posted: Monday, May 4, 2015 11:00 pm Some Springfield observers say this is the do-or-die year for a massive Illinois gambling expansion that includes a Chicago casino. We wouldn’t bet on it, given … Continue reading

Why Be Concerned About Gambling Addiction?

Addiction, bankruptcy, crime, corruption, child abuse, divorce, domestic violence, and suicide are some of the social costs associated with problem and pathological gambling. “Compulsive gamblers may use food or rent money, borrow from friends, pawn possessions or even steal from the workplace. At one sitting a compulsive gambler can easily … Continue reading