Wagering in IL 2020 Update (Commission on Governmental Forecasting and Accountability, 2020)

Children as young as 15 losing “vast amounts of money” to online gambling (NewsTalk, 10/13/2020)

Study:  High speed gambling reduced self-control, even among non problem gamblers (European Gaming, 8/13/2020)

‘My son was shaking, trying not to go online’: How the gambling industry got its claws into children (The Guardian, 7/11/2020)

Final Synthesis Report:  The effect of gambling marketing and advertising on children, young people and vulnerable adults (Ipsos MORI, March 2020)

Study: Casinos increase crime (The MIT Press Journals, 3/28/2006)

Children more likely to become gamblers due to high volume of betting ads (The Guardian, 3/26/2020)

Blood on their hands: How 500 people – mostly young men – kill themselves every year after getting hooked on gambling by ruthlessly greedy betting giants (Daily Mail, 1/20/2020)

Gambling Revenues are No Jackpot for New Jersey or Pennsylvania (Forbes, 1/13/2020)

Report shows betting industry’s reliance on problem gamblers (The Guardian, 1/2/2020)

A gambling suicide EVERY day: Shocking report finds 2m families blighted by problem gambling

8% of Marriages End Up In Divorce Due to Gaming Addiction:  The Latest Research in Texas (The Signal, 9/30/2019)

Study:  Problem gamblers or likely to attempt suicide (The Guardian, 7/19/2019)

Legalizing sports gambling is a massive expansion of gambling. Access to sporting events worldwide 24 hours a day, makes gambling just a click away and fuels gambling addiction.   Internet sports gambling appeals to young people, who could place bets over their phones or computers, with no one knowing.  Read the op-ed Online sports betting will create a new generation of problem gamblers by Executive Director Anita Bedell (5/2018, St. Louis Post-Dispatch).

At least a dozen Queen of Hearts raffles in the metro-east may not be in accordance with state law, according to a Belleville News-Democrat investigation.  Failure to follow state & municipal law could result in jackpots not being paid to winners.  Read the full article here.

Fantasy sports betting and internet gambling face a murky future.  Read this Chicago Tribune article on the questionable legality of the industry at large and the Illinois Legislature’s attempts to regulate and tax their profits (5/31/2017).

A downtown Springfield casino is still a terrible possibility.  Read this op-ed by Executive Director Anita Bedell (5/27/2017, SJ-R).

Prof. John Kindt exposes the truth to the question “Has fantasy sports crossed the line to become another form of online gambling?” (October 2015).

Watch this riveting ESPN news piece on the dangers of internet gambling: The Deadly Bet – The Jason McGuigan Story.  This story highlights the problems of internet gambling on college campuses.

The so-called “Grand Bargain” to fix Illinois debt crisis may include a Chicago casino if Mayor Emmanuel gets his way (June 2015).

Chronic gambling and depression often occur together, researchers find.  Read the Medical News Today article (May 2015) which studied 1,100 young men in Montreal.  Nearly three quarters of young men who reported significant gambling problems also suffered from depression.

The Chicago Sun Times endorsed a casino in Chicago as a partial solution to Chicago’s budget crisis.  Read Anita Bedell’s response to the endorsement, published in the Chicago Sun Times on 3/18/2015: Counterpoint – A Chicago casino would take money from Illinois.

The Illinois Lottery does contribute to the state education budget, but maybe not to the extent you think.  Read this article by Matt Dietrich from Reboot Illinois.

Children, elderly pay price for gamblers’ neglect.  Read the article by Arthur Hirsch, The Baltimore Sun, August 2, 2014 .

Corrupting citizens for fun and profit.  Read the opinion by Michael Gerson, Washington Post, July 24, 2014.

Lotteries — Robin Hood in reverse.  Read the full article by Tom Keane, The Boston Globe, June 10, 2014

View data compiled by ILCAAAP on Illinois Lottery Sales Statistics

Testimony mounts for and against Chicago-only casino option.  Read the article by Vanessa Beene and Ella Sonja West, Medill Reports Chicago, April 16, 2014.

Graph shows top 20 Illinois zip codes for lottery sales.  Read the Chicago Tribune article by Matthew Walberg, December 9, 2013.

Veterans, compulsive gambling and PTSD.  Read the full article by Thomas C. Hall, Ph.D., Chair, Vietnam Veterans of America.

The Casino Fix – local gambling expert Robert Goodman urges Massachusetts to stay out of the luck biz.  Read the article by Maureen Turner, October 30, 2013, Valley Advocate, Northampton, Massachusetts.

How often do gamblers really win?  New data provide some answers on the real odds for gambling.  Read the full article by Mark Maremont and Alexandra Berzon, October 11, 2013, The Wall Street Journal Online.

Man charged with leaving four-year-old grandaughter to wander casino alone as he gambled on horse races.  Read the Associated Press article, September 13, 2013 at

Luck around the clock: Illinois casinos want to be open 24/7. Read the Chicago Tribune article by Monique Garcia, September 10, 2013.

Policing gamblers who can’t police themselves isn’t easy.  Read the article by Jennifer Lin, September 8, 2013 at

New gambling machines bypass casino addiction safeguards.  Read the article by Mike Riopell, August 26, 2013, Daily

For states, gambling on casinos may be a bad bet.  Read the article by Rich Morin, July 2, 2013, Pew Research Center.

Video gambling establishment will not “cut off” their best customers. Read the letter to the editor by Anita Bedell, Executive Director, Illinois Church Action on Alcohol & Addiction Problems, on ReBoot

State must protect addicted gamblers.  Read the letter to the Editor of the Daily Herald, by Anita Bedell, September 3, 2013.

Win a Lottery Jackpot?  Not much chance of that.  Read the article by Tara Siegel Bernard, August 9, 2013, NY Times.

Illinois Lottery has $200 million in bookkeeping errors: state auditor.  Read the article by Greg Hinz, July 1, 2013, Crain’s Chicago Business.

Big penalty scratched for Illinois Lottery’s private manager.  Read the article on Chicago

Gambling companies question potential conflict of interest.  Read the article by Mike Riopell, June 12, 2013, Daily Herald.

I am a Woman – Gambling Addiction

Theft just one sign of gambling addiction.  Read the article by Amy McConnell Schaarsmith, Paula Reed Ward and Molly Born, February 26, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Economic and Social Costs of Gambling: Summary Facts.  Read the article by Professor Earl Grinols, Baylor University.

More Casinos Will Not Solve Illinois Budget Problems, letter to the editor by Anita Bedell.

Casinos, Crime and Community Costs, by Earl L. Grinols (Baylor University) and David B. Mustard (Terry College of Business), Feb. 2006 The Review of Economics and Statistics.

Gambling Statistics, compiled by Anita Bedell, Executive Director, ILCAAAP.

Big Losers: The Casino Industry’s Ideal Customers.  Read the article by Asst. Prof. Natasha Schull, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Case Against Legalized Gambling.  Read the article by Harvey Chin, California Council on Alcohol Problems.

Read the ABCs of Gambling by Anita Bedell, Executive Director, ILCAAAP.

How gambling impacts communities.  Read the fact sheet by Anita Bedell, Executive Director, ILCAAAP.

Summary of the US International Gambling Report – this readable article summarizes the exhaustive research compiled in the US International Gambling Report.  The conclusion/recommendation is to shutter casinos and ban video gambling in order to encourage economic growth worldwide.

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