• Legalizing sports gambling is a massive expansion of gambling. Access to sporting events worldwide 24 hours a day, makes gambling just a click away and fuels gambling addiction.   Internet sports gambling appeals to young people, who could place bets over their phones or computers, with no one knowing.  Read the op-ed Online sports betting will create a new generation of problem gamblers by Executive Director Anita Bedell (5/2018, St. Louis Post-Dispatch).
  • At least a dozen Queen of Hearts raffles in the metro-east may not be in accordance with state law, according to a Belleville News-Democrat investigation.  Failure to follow state & municipal law could result in jackpots not being paid to winners.  Read the full article here.
  • Fantasy sports betting and internet gambling face a murky future.  Read this Chicago Tribune article on the questionable legality of the industry at large and the Illinois Legislature’s attempts to regulate and tax their profits (5/31/2017).
  • A downtown Springfield casino is still a terrible possibility.  Read this op-ed by Executive Director Anita Bedell (5/27/2017, SJ-R).
  • Chronic gambling and depression often occur together, researchers find.  Read the Medical News Today article (May 2015) which studied 1,100 young men in Montreal.  Nearly three quarters of young men who reported significant gambling problems also suffered from depression.
  • Casinos, Crime and Community Costs, by Earl L. Grinols (Baylor University) and David B. Mustard (Terry College of Business), Feb. 2006 The Review of Economics and Statistics.
  • Summary of the US International Gambling Report – this readable article summarizes the exhaustive research compiled in the US International Gambling Report.  The conclusion/recommendation is to shutter casinos and ban video gambling in order to encourage economic growth worldwide.

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