Action plan to protect your municipality and county

  1.  Contact your Mayor, Village Trustees, Aldermen, and ask them to support an ordinance to prohibit a marijuana dispensary and marijuana businesses.  Sample ordinance
  2. Talk with churches/pastoral associations, local law enforcement, doctors, counselors, fire chief and emergency personnel, teachers, school administrators, activists, and others in the community and ask them to speak at a public hearing in support of a ban on marijuana sales.  Please reference our Talking Points: Reasons to Oppose Marijuana Businesses in your Community
  3. Start a social media group to share information about the impact of marijuana:
    1. Marijuana damages young brains
    2. Marijuana’s Black Market 2.0
    3. Faith leaders object to dispensary close to their places of worship (CA)
    4. Is Marijuana a Safe Drug?
  4. Attend and speak at Municipal and County Board meetings
  5. Write a Letter to the Editor. Sample editorial


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